Christina Eckert

Meet Christina

Christina is a longtime Essex County resident, community activist and leader. Christina has spent the last 11 years devoting her time to education, philanthropy, and community building.  

Born and raised in Stoneham, Massachusetts, she graduated from Harvard University and has a masters degree from UCLA. She has served her community in many roles: co-founder and president of Masconomet Education Foundation; manager of the Boxford Park Program; and Director of Development at Community Giving Tree. 

Christina lives with her husband and three teenage boys in Boxford where they are active in family life and community service. 

Let’s Get Things Done

When Christina sees a need in the community, she is eager to fill it. For the last 11 years, she has directed a program that provides healthy summer activity for over 450 children. She co-founded an educational foundation that has raised over $300,000 for STEAM education. She led the effort to grow a local charity to help over 10,000 low income children each year.

Christina is passionate about education, healthcare, and preserving our priceless environment. 

Fast Facts

Residence: Homeowner in Boxford

Public Service:

  • Co-Founder Masconomet Education Foundation, raising over $300,000 to build STEM labs in the high school and middle school

  • Director and Supervisor, Boxford’s Summer Park Program for 11 years, growing the program from 75 kids per summer to 450 last summer-without costing the town a dime

  • Director of Development at Community Giving Tree for 9 years, helping to provide 10,000 children annually with clothing, cribs, and other basic essentials

  • Co-Chair Annual Scouting for Food Drive

  • President of Boxford PTO


  • Television writer for “The Commish,” “All My Children” and “As the World Turns”

  • Director of Development, Community Giving Tree

Awards: Two Emmys on her work for “All My Children”


  • BA Harvard University, 1985

  • MFA University of California LA, 1989

Video: Why I am running for State Representative in the 2nd Essex District

Video: It’s Time to Clean Up the Merrimack River

Education and School Safety

  • Rework the 25-year-old formula for public school funding, increasing state funding for schools throughout our district.

  • Fully fund special education and regional school transportation.

  • Study school violence and support the emotional and physical health of our children.

Clean Energy and the Environment

  • Strengthen Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Standards by using more power from renewable sources, eliminating the solar net metering cap, and prohibiting charging customers for new pipelines.

  • Protect our water from contamination and drought.  Fight to keep the Merrimack River clean, especially from sewage overflows.

  • Protect Plum Island from continuing erosion.


  • Decrease costs for prescription drugs and other factors that drive up the cost of healthcare.  Explore the viability of a public option/single payer system.

  • Fight the Opioid Crisis with both prevention and treatment of addiction.  Fund research into targeted therapy.

  • Fight for women to retain control over their own medical decisions, including their reproductive rights.


  • Explore and invest in expanded public transportation options.

  • Support citizens living on the 95 and 495 corridors with increased sound barriers, as well as reducing traffic by incentivizing commuters to use public transportation.

Equality for All

  • Fight discrimination based on gender identity and ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth.

  • Strengthen and support workers’ rights

  • Fight for pay equality.


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