#TeamEckert Organizing Principles 

We lead with kindness, decency, and joy.

Everyone who interacts with the campaign should be left feeling better than they started. Our volunteers represent Christina, and we need to represent her values.


We build diverse coalitions of support.

Building a diverse coalition of voters, from progressives to Republicans is crucial to our path to victory.


We prioritize building personal relationships.

Voters are not statistics. We want to have a personal touch with every conversation we have. That will set us apart.


We seek diversity of all kinds.

Team Eckert creates inclusive spaces where everyone is welcomed and feels valued. Diversity will make us stronger.


We have zero tolerance for any type of harassment, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. 

The Eckert campaign will be a safe place for all of our volunteers and staff. Everyone will be valued and appreciated. Bullying, harassment or discrimination have no place on our campaign.



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