How to Vote: Election 2020

While Election 2020 promises to be unlike any other due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are three essential ways to make your voice heard in the General Election (November 3) this year.


Due to the coronavirus, no excuse is necessary to vote absentee in Massachusetts this year. You can submit a MAIL-IN BALLOT APPLICATION online, through the Secretary of State's website.

Vote Early

If you prefer to vote in person, EARLY VOTING will be held October 17-30 in Massachusetts. Exact times and polling locations for early voting in our district are listed below by town!

Vote in Person

Of course, you may also cast your ballot on Election Day itself. The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3. Please confirm the status of your VOTER REGISTRATION and locate your polling station in advance. The deadline to register this year is October 23!

Boxford Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 887-6000 (151) / Fax: (978) 887-0943

Town Hall: 7A Spofford Road, Boxford

Staff Contacts: Robin Phelan, Town Clerk; Michelle Johnson, Assistant Town Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: A secure drop box is located in front of Town Hall. The "Ballot Drop" box is decorated with American flag imagery.

Early Voting: October 17–22, 24–29

Town Hall, Meeting Room 1 (rear of building)

7A Spofford Road, Boxford

8:00am–12:00pm (Saturday–Sunday)

8:00am–4:30pm (Monday–Thursday)


General Election: November 3


Georgetown Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 352-5711 / Fax: (978) 352-5725

Town Offices: 1 Library St, Georgetown

Staff Contacts: Kerri Ann McManus, Town Clerk; Kathleen Roche

Vote-By-Mail: A secured red drop box is located by the back door of Town Hall, which is checked twice daily.

Early Voting: October 17–22, 24-29

Georgetown Fire Department

47 Central Street, Georgetown

8:00am–12:00pm (Saturday–Sunday)

8:00am–4:00pm (Monday–Thursday)

General Election: November 3


Groveland Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 556-7221 / Fax: (978) 469-5006

Town Hall: 183 Main Street, Groveland

Staff Contacts: Elizabeth Cunniff, Town Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: A secure drop box is located inside the entrance to Town Hall. Access via parking lot; drop slot is to right of entrance.

Early Voting: October 17–29

Town Hall, Center Meeting Room

183 Main Street, Groveland

8:00am–12:00pm (Friday–Sunday)

8:00am–4:00pm (Monday–Thursday)

General Election: November 3


Haverhill City Clerk

Phone: (978) 374-2312 / Fax: (978) 373-8490


City Hall: 4 Summer St, Haverhill

Staff Contacts: Linda L. Koutoulas, City Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: Drop boxes are located at the Haverhill Police Department and City Hall

Early Voting: Oct 17–30, City Hall (basement)

10:00am–4:00pm (Saturday–Sunday)

8:00am–4:00pm (Monday–Friday)

8:00am–8:00pm (Thu, 10/22 and Wed, 10/28)

Additional Weekend Polls: (10:00am–4:00pm on 10/17, 10/18, 10/24, 10/25) at Hunking SchoolUpper TiltonSomebody Cares NE (Sat. only)

General Election: November 3


Merrimac Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 346-8013 / Fax: (978) 346-8013


Town Hall: 2 School St, Merrimac

Staff: Gwendolyn Lay Sabbagh, Town Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: Ballots may be hand-delivered right to Town Hall, where a sign on the door directs voters to "Deposit Ballots Here."

Early Voting: October 17–30, Town Hall 

1:00–5:00pm (Saturday, 10/17 and Sundays)

2:00pm–8:00pm (Saturday, 10/24)

9:00am–4:00pm (Monday–Thursday)

9:00am–12:00pm (Fridays)

General Election: November 3


Newbury Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 465-0862 / Fax: (978) 572-1228

Town Offices: 12 Kent Way, Newbury (Byfield)

Staff Contacts: Leslie Haley, Town Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: Voters may hand-deliver to Town Offices by sliding completed ballots under office door (ONLY during office hours).

Early Voting: October 17–22, 24–29

Newbury Town Offices (first floor)

12 Kent Way, Newbury (Byfield)

8:00am–12:00pm (Saturday–Sunday)

8:00am–4:00pm (Mon, Weds, Thu)

8:00am–7:00pm (Tuesdays)

General Election: November 3


West Newbury Town Clerk

Phone: (978) 363-1100 / Fax: (978) 363-1826


Town Annex: 379 Main St, West Newbury

Staff Contact:  Michael P. McCarron, Town Clerk

Vote-By-Mail: A drop box has been set up at the Town Office Annex. The box is located inside the entrance vestibule, accessible to the public 24/7.

Early Voting: October 17–30, Town Annex

2:00–4:00pm, 10/17; 2:00–5:00pm, 10/24 (Saturdays)

12:00pm–3:00pm (Sundays)

8:00am–4:30pm (Monday–Thursday)

8:00am–12:00pm (Fridays)

General Election: November 3




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